TechnipFMC selects WaveGuide 5 Onboard

A very nice achievement of our team.
“We are proud that TechnipFMC has selected Motion Compensated-real time Wave Monitoring Radar Systems for six of its vessels. We expect to equip the selected vessels within the year. Radac systems will provide crucial data as part of increasing operational efficiency and reducing down time.” says Tuna Sener, Business Development manager of Radac.

More and more companies decide that they want to monitor and track the wave data themselves when operating offshore. Not only real time wave data for decision making during those operations. But also as a proof for insurances and contracts. For example during pipelaying: when damages on the pipe show after say seven years, the wave data set can proof in what wave heights the operation took place.

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Busy Ocean Business ’19

Southampton. April 17, 2019

Last week the Ocean Business exhibition took place in Southampton. The booth of Radac, as part of the Dutch Ocean Group, was very well visited. It was great catching up with so many of our partners and meeting new people as well.  Thanks to all our partners who came to visit us!

Radac OB19 – meeting with our partner Laurel Technologies












The Explosion proof version of our directional wave radar, the WaveGuide 5 Direction EX, attracted quite some attention. As it is a unique system in the market (and it has ‘the looks’ ;-) many people came to check it out. This highly accurate wave radar is especially of interest to FPSO’s, drilling vessels, rigs and platforms. Cool to get some really positive feedback!













Mini tsunami hits the Dutch coast

Delft, 29 May 2017

Early Monday morning, a very active line of thunderstorms passed the Dutch coast. The fast approaching high pressure front even caused a mini tsunami! This wave was 2 to 3 meters high when it hit the Dutch coast.

Mini Tsunami Zandvoort ( Click image for video









Of course we (Radac) checked the measurements of our wave radar at Prinses Amalia Wind Park (23km in front of Ijmuiden). The picture below shows a nice peak just before high tide, an increase of +/- 80 cm.

Heave measurements, 29-05-2017










Zoomed in














Support helicopter landing

Article by Marin
Delft, 27 February 2017

Radac joined in the ‘Salute project’ with Marin, the Royal Netherlands Navy, NLR and Amarcon/ABB to work out a demonstrator system to anticipate quiescent periods for helicopter landing operations. An interesting and successful trial with our outlooking radar development (FMCW). The goal was to predict ship motion induced by waves some minutes in advance for the helicopter landing guidance.

Click the image to read the article:

Article and photo: Marin report, January 2017 no.119

World’s largest vessel sails out with the Radac WaveGuide on board

Delft, 6 August 2016

Crowds of people turned out to watch as the world’s largest vessel, Allseas’ “Pioneering Spirit”, departed Rotterdam Saturday morning 6 August. Of course we are proud that one of our systems has been installed on board of this spectaculair ship to measure the waves during its operations.

Allseas’ record-breaking single-lift installation/decommissioning and pipelay vessel has been moored in Rotterdam’s Alexiahaven since January 2015 for installation, commissioning and testing of the topsides lift system. “Pioneering Spirit” will now head to the Southern North Sea to perform offshore trials throughout August, which will include a series of test platform topsides installation and removal exercises under varying weather conditions. (source: Allseas)

For measuring the wave height, wave period and the draught/freeboard during the operations, the Pioneering Spirit makes use of the WaveGuide Onboard system. This is the third vessel of Allseas, after the Audacia and the Solitaire, which is equipped with a WaveGuide.

Departure of the Pioneering spirit (photo: Mike Raats)

After the successful completion of offshore trials, “Pioneering Spirit” is expected to sail north to the Yme field, offshore Norway, to remove the 13,500 t Yme mobile offshore production unit (MOPU) for Repsol. Following removal of the Yme platform, “Pioneering Spirit” will return to Rotterdam where the remaining four topsides lifting beams will be installed for the Shell Brent Delta topsides removal, scheduled for the summer of 2017. (source: Allseas)


Freak wave of 12 meter measured at North Sea

Delft, 31 March 2015

Last weeks storm caused a spectaculair wave (freak wave) of over 12 meter height at the North Sea. This exceptional high wave was measured by the Radac WaveGuide at the offshore windfarm Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) 10 kilometers out of the Dutch coast. The radar is mounted on a wind turbine and measures the distance to the water several times per second with an accuracy of 1 cm.

A freak wave or monster wave is a wave which is over two times the significant wave height. At 9h05 AM (31 March 2015) the significant wave height (Hs) was 5m20 and the measured monster wave 12m20!


Lot of interested visitors during Oceanology International in China

Delft, 12 November 2015

Last week, Radac was represented by our partner Laurel Technologies Companies at the Oceanology International exhibition in Shanghai.

Thanks to Laurel we were able to promote and explain our products in Chinese. Which attracted great numbers of interested visitors, who all wanted to know more about the functionalities and possibilities. Especially the WaveGuide Direction and WaveGuide Onboard got a lot of attention.

Radac OI 2015 Shanghai

New sales representative in UK

Delft, June 2015

Radac has reached an exclusive sales agreement with Planet Ocean to represent Radac in the UK and Ireland. With their experienced, reliable and service oriented team, Planet Ocean will be the front office of Radac in the UK and first point of contact to our customers.

Planet Ocean Ltd is a privately owned UK Company based in Surrey, 35 km South West of London England. They represent some of the Worlds leading manufacturers of oceanographic and scientific instruments and systems.

Tom van der Vlugt, Radac MD, commented: ”we are delighted to work with Planet Ocean in the UK and ROI. For us it’s very important that we’re represented by a specialised, reliable and helpful team in order to keep up our high quality.”

Contact:Planet Ocean

Planet Ocean Ltd
Unit 16 Camberley Business Centre
Surrey GU15 3DP UK
Tel: +44 (0)845 108 1457
Fax: +44 (0)845 280 3349