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Measuring wave height has several benefits for companies and governments alike. Measuring wave height makes it possible to significantly improve the accuracy of wave forecasts. Especially in shallow water areas where wave forecasting can be more challenging. Naturally this is of great importance for offshore companies such as oil platforms and wind farms. Besides, measuring wave height is also important to decide if working conditions are suitable or not. Especially for subcontractors and insurance companies this information is very relevant.

At Radac we have developed a method of wave height measurement, the WaveGuide Height & Tide. This system consists of a radar which can be mounted high above the water, which keeps the system away from the corrosive environment of the sea. That makes the WaveGuide Height & Tide far more durable than any other method which is currently used for the measurement of wave height.

Measuring wave height with a system which can easily be deployed and maintained

Radac is a Netherlands based company with decades of experience in developing accurate systems that can be used to measure wave heightwave direction and tide. This experience has led to the development of the WaveGuide radar, which allows remote monitoring of the oceans. This system characterizes itself by the fact that there are no moving parts, which means that yearly maintenance is not necessary. The system is easy to install and can vouch for an accurate measurement of wave height, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

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At Radac we take pride in our products. As we have developed the WaveGuide radar system ourselves, we can provide you with expert information on wave height measurement by means of the WaveGuide radar system. Please contact us by calling +31 15 890 32 03. We would be happy to answer all questions you might have. Our employees can make an appointment in which we can look into your specific needs when it comes to measuring wave height.

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