Offshore Oil & Gas

The harsh and remote environments in which the offshore oil and gas industry operates, require robust, reliable and explosion-proof systems. Mounted high above the water (up to seventy meters) the WaveGuide is equipped to measure wave height and direction regardless of the most extreme conditions.

From the development phase onwards, wave data is needed to calculate the wave load in order to define the requirements of the platform design. During its operation years, the actual wave climate is logged to determine the expected endurance. Accurate analysis of the possible exploitation period can make an enormous difference in cost.

During exploitation, real-time wave information is used to make operational decisions. The motions of the ocean surface is of great influence on activities like maintenance and supply.

Accurate real-time wave and tide data are used:

  • for construction requirements of the platform design
  • to determine construction and maintenance conditions
  • to support safe access to platforms from supply vessels
  • to calculate actual wave load and justify the lengthening or shortening of the platform’s lifetime

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Our customers in Offshore Oil and Gas include:

  • CNOOC: China National Offshore Oil Corp – China
  • Shell – Malaysia
  • Dong Energy – Denmark
  • Agip – Kazakhstan
  • INAgip – Croatia
  • Petronas – Malaysia
  • Petrobras – Brazil