Offshore Wind

Radac supplies systems for monitoring waves and tide for the offshore wind industry, including wind farms and installation vessels.

Wave and tide data are of great importance during all stages of offshore wind farm development and operation. In all offshore operations weather is a major risk factor. Knowledge of the present site conditions assists the crew in determining an optimum weather window during which operations can be performed safely. This increases operational efficiency, reduces costs and prevents workability discussions.

Real-time wave monitoring provides essential information for (jack-up) vessels during offshore operations. Jacking operations, crane operations, towing and such are typically limited by a maximum wave height of two meters or even less.

Accurate real-time wave and tide data allows for:

  • increased operational efficiency
  • maximised use of weather windows
  • safe personnel transfer
  • safe access to turbine platforms from service vessels
  • safe jacking operations

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Our Offshore Wind customers include:

  • Prinses Amaliawindpark & Luchterduinen – Eneco
  • Noordzeewind – Nuon
  • Jack up vessels Goliath and Neptune – DEME
  • Seafox jack up vessels – Workfox
  • Jack up vessels – Rico
  • Aberdeen – Vattenfall