Since 1996, Radac has been developing, manufacturing and marketing the WaveGuide: a very accurate radar level gauge to measure environmental data in offshore, maritime and marine environments. Leading companies all over the world rely on our systems.


  • Maintenance free
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Low power consumption
  • Explosion-proof certified (as an option)

The WaveGuide radar measures the distance to the water surface 10 times per second. Proven is that in all wind and wave conditions the standard deviation for water level is only 1 cm. The radar technology is based on Honeywell Enraf core technology used for tank gauging. Mounted high above the water and without any moving parts there is no need for preventive maintenance or cleaning. (Re-)calibration is never required due to the long-term stable zero reference. The system is compact, robust and easy to install. It is suited to accurately measure wave heights and tides, up to the most extreme conditions.

The radar comes in two versions: the Compact version and the ATEX certified version.

WaveGuide radar stainless steel

WaveGuide 5 Compact version

WaveGuide 5 EX version













The system is based on a low power processor, does not have any moving parts and can synchronise to UTC-time.Data can be distributed via ethernet. The user can configure the data sets (raw data, spectra, parameters) using the subscription interface. Radio, gsm, gprs and satellite modems are supported. Raw data, spectra and parameters can be requested and are presented within the web-browser.

Radac web-interface Th0

Radac web-interface multiple diagrams


All of our systems are suitable for marine use. However depending upon the type of functionality required by the user, all four installations have unique qualities specific to the system itself:



Wave direction monitoring
Wave height and tide monitoring
On board monitoring
Water level monitoring