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radac monitoring waves by radar

More and more OWF’s discover the benefits of the directional wave radar of Radac.
The interest has more then tripled over the past three years. That leads to two questions:
What is the importance of accurate and real time wave data?
And why do OWF’s choose a directional wave radar? We’ll tell.

Waves major risk factor
30-35% of the overall costs is caused by the O&M activities of an offshore wind farm. It seems to be a quick win to make use of accurate real time wave data. Waves are the main contributing factor to downtime in offshore operations. Knowledge of the actual site conditions is critical to assists the crew in determining an optimum weather window during which operations can be performed safely. Real-time wave intelligence contributes substantially to planning, maintenance and safety while providing valuable insight to reduce down-times and increase operability by days. And... it avoids needles trips.

OWF’s choose for Radac
Why? No water contact. No moving parts. No (re-)calibration. Resulting in hardly any costs of operation. Is this possible? Yes. Radac, a Dutch company, applied 20+ years of experience into the development of this highly accurate wave radar, specifically designed for the offshore wind industry. Keeping in mind the severe conditions offshore as well as the ease of installation and use.

Radac, a technology driven company, works continuously on innovative developments of her systems. Press the button to keep posted.

Radac B.V. | Delft, The Netherlands | T +31 15 890 32 03 | E


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