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Radac, innovative solutions for monitoring ocean motions

Radac is a company in the Netherlands that doesn’t mind getting its feet wet when it comes to developing new methods of accurately measuring the motions of the ocean. Throughout the years Radac has been working on a brand-new radar system that has not yet been seen in the rest of the world. The WaveGuide Direction is the result of over 20 years of innovation and expertise, and its benefits have been noticed by many companies in the offshore, shipping and coastal sectors. Please feel free to contact us at Radac for more information.

The one of a kind WaveGuide system by Radac

For over 20 years Radac has been focussing on the development of the WaveGuide radar system. Not only is this system capable of accurately measuring the ocean’s motions, but it is also very user friendly. It’s compact, easy to install, and because there are no moving parts, the system hardly needs any maintenance and is very sturdy. Therefore, the WaveGuide is used by both companies with assets at sea and governments alike.

Want to know more?

Then we would like to tell you more. By calling Radac at +31 15 890 32 03 you can make an appointment with one of our specialists. We would like to get a clear view of the needs of your company when it comes to accurate ocean wave data, so we can provide you with a fitting advice for the best radar system that fits the needs of your company.

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