In the relatively protected areas that surround rivers — as compared to seas and oceans — the motions of the water’s surface can be measured in different ways. It can be monitored by a Free Space WaveGuide as is done at sea, or if deemed more convenient the WaveGuide can be mounted on top of a stilling well.

Real-time monitoring of water levels can contribute to increased safety. Additionally, collecting data provides insight into natural phenomena and patterns. This aids in predicting water levels in the future, increasing peace of mind. Especially where the river flows into the sea, extremely high water levels during storm conditions can cause flooding.

The Netherlands experiences annual flooding. In 1993 and 1995 for example, floods devastated regions surrounding the Rhine delta. Over 200,000 people were evacuated. Climate change is ongoing, so extremely high river discharges will occur more frequently in the future, not only in the Netherlands.

Besides the danger of flooding, the lack of water is equally important. In those situations water level information is crucial to water distribution planning. River water level data is essential for shipping as it influences safe passage of vessels (sea gauge/river clearance).

Accurate real-time wave data provides for:

  • increased security
  • increased safe passage for shipping
  • improved flooding forecasting
  • safe bridge clearance

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