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When it comes to sea level monitoring, Radac can provide you with a new state of the art radar system called WaveGuide. This system has been developed by this Netherlands based company as a way of accurately measuring the height and direction of waves, as well as the tide. The difference with traditional ways of sea level monitoring is that the WaveGuide system doesn’t get into contact with corrosive seawater. Traditional buoys can be replaced with a system that is mounted high above the waves, thus making it far more durable while maintaining a very high level of accuracy.

Sea level monitoring can increase your companies’ efficiency

One of the main factors that lead to downtime in the shipping and offshore business are waves. Rough seas can keep ships port sided which costs a lot of money. By using the WaveGuide system for sea level monitoring offshore companies can respond to changing weather conditions much faster and to the point which reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency.

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Is your company active in shipping, offshore or coastal regions and are you looking for ways to increase your revenue and the safety of your employees? Than please contact Radac for more information about our WaveGuide radar system by calling us at +31 15 890 32 03.

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