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WaveGuide is the wave monitoring system developed by Radac. This Netherlands based company has spent the last two decades developing a system that can easily be deployed and maintained, while still being very accurate and providing users with real-time wave data. This allows companies to respond faster to changing weather conditions and make optimal use of weather windows thus increasing operational efficiency. At Radac we would like to tell you all about the WaveGuide radar system.

The different versions of the WaveGuide radar system

Radac has developed several different versions of the WaveGuide system, which can be mounted on railings of ships and platforms. There are currently 4 different models for customers to choose from:

  • WaveGuide Waterlevel;
  • WaveGuide Height & Tide;
  • WaveGuide Direction;
  • WaveGuide Onboard.

Each of these models is very compact. Most of them don’t exceed a height of 26 cm and a weight of around 12 kg, and require very little energy (10.8W).

Choosing a suitable model

It’s understandable that you might have questions about the WaveGuide system with the right specifications for your company. Radac would like to help you make the best choice. We would therefore like to invite you to call us at +31 15 890 32 03with all your questions.

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