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The new wave height sensor of Radac is capable of measuring wave heights up to 60 metres, without so much as touching the water. Radac has developed the WaveGuide radar system which can be used to accurately measure wave height, wave period and tide from a safe distance. You will no longer need to work with buoys that should be physically put into the water for the sensor to do its job. The wave height sensor can be mounted up far above the sea. This makes the WaveGuide system easy to install and to maintain. For more information about this unique system, please contact us at Radac.

A wave height sensor that does not require calibration

The low maintenance requirements of the wave height sensor by Radac, makes the Waveguide system ideal for companies that sometimes should perform under the harshest conditions out at sea. Calibration of the wave height sensor for instance isn’t necessary due to long term stable zero reference and constant sensitivity. While the accuracy for water level of the wave height sensor is proven to be below 1 cm.

Easy read out on virtually every system

Another example of the user-friendly characteristics of the wave height sensor is that the acquired data can easily be stored on any usb drive and can be read out on virtually every system with a connection to the network. Offshore work can be hard enough as it is and Radac would like to help your company in making the completion of activities a little easier. If you are interested in our wave height sensor WaveGuide radar system, please contact us by calling +31 15 890 32 03.

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